Teldex Studio Berlin

Teldex Studio Berlin was founded in 2002 and continues the tradition and history of Telefunken, Teldec Classics and their recording teams. Since the studio modernization in 2003, Teldex Studio Berlin is one of the biggest private recording studios in the world. The famous recording hall, the state-of-the-art equipment - including a unique collection of vintage microphones - and the experienced producers and engineers ensure first class productions.

concept-A planned all the lounges as well as the interior design and the acoustics for the implementation of the new control rooms 1 and 2 into the studio complex. concept-A also planned the refurbishment of the orchestra recording hall. The completion of the room acoustics and the studio furniture was carried out with elements made by concept-A.


Acoustics + Architecture
Room acoustics
Structural acoustics
Interior design
Ergonomic design
Site management