projects A-Z

projects A-Z

selection of clients and projects in alphabetical order

Lautsprecherfront mit Regiefenster zu Orchestersaal

Recording Studios for music production and dubbing

Our origins come from the areas of studio design and studio planning. We have been working with customers from all over the world for more than 15 years.

TV and radio broadcast and streaming studios

The field of broadcast for TV & Radio is a a focal point for us. High-quality media buildings, interior design and the highest standards of our acoustic planning.

Mixing stages, home cinema and listening rooms

Whether in private auditoriums & cinemas, hotels or post-production cinemas, with our many years of expertise - we ensure top-quality acoustic design.

Acoustics and architecture for churches, universities and multipurpose buildings

Years of experience in the development of public sound spaces: our projects meet the highest demands of acoustics and design.

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Industrial acoustics, office acoustics and conference rooms

Is room acoustics a big issue in your building and in your rooms? We create high-quality rooms for the highest demands on acoustics and design.

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concept-A Special Projects

Do you have a radical project idea? We know how to cater to unusual needs. High-grade listening rooms like the BMW-Pavilion in Munich city center - Here you will find the unique projects that fit in no other category!

Room acoustics rental

Temporary professional acoustics solutions.