Circle Studios by Sony Music

The Berlin based Circle Studios brings together artists from different genres and generations to create, share and inspire each other. A state-of-the-art recording studio. A space for collaboration and inspiration. A creative hub for a new generation.

The studio planning and implementation was done by concept-A together with the Berlin architects Studio Karhard for the design, and Qvest Media for the studio technology. The result is a place for creativity with the highest standards of design and acoustics. As a result, versatile, multifunctional studio spaces with excellent sound insulation and room acoustics have been created on a very compact floor plan. Simultaneous use of all studio rooms without disturbing each other is possible without any problems despite the close proximity.

In the Circle Studios, special attention was given to  very well-balanced acoustics for the uncompromising reproduction of high-quality music productions. This was achieved through the use of various broadband and resonance absorbers from concept-A. A Helmholtz diffuser measuring approx. 3.5 x 2.5 metres and weighing approx. 850 kilograms was installed on the rear wall, providing mid-frequency diffusivity and damping in the low-frequency range.


Acoustics + Architecture
Room acoustics
Structural acoustics
Interior design
Ergonomic design
Site management

Pictures by Roberto Brundo