Sky Germany, Foyer Unterföhring

Sky Deutschland AG is the operator of Sky Pay-TV for Germany, Austria and Switzerland with more than 4 Mio subscribers, based in Unterföhring, Germany.
When Sky Sport News HD was launched, Sky headquarters was transformed from a regular office building into a live media production facility and had to increase its level of security and control access to the building. The lobby hall had to be modified to include a reception, access control gates and amenities required for live production. At the same time, the lobby had to be designed in a way that it could also serve as a backdrop for the studio.

In cooperation with set designers from Wieder Design, concept-A designed the interior, the building services and the acoustics and was responsible for the daily supervision of all works executed on site. concept-A also performed the Gantt-chart planning as part of the overall project management. The whole project was designed and constructed within the brief time period of six months.



Acoustics + Architecture
Room acoustics
Structural acoustics
Interior design
Ergonomic design
Site management