Servus TV office-and conference areas Salzburg Austria

ServusTV is dedicated to a cosmopolitan audience with wide interests in the German speaking area, viewers with high demands. The main focus is the home region of the station: The Alps region. ServusTV, formerly Salzburg TV, has been part of the Red Bull Media House since 2008. After the takeover, the existing studios had to be refurbished and enlarged. The newsroom and the postproduction areas were technically renewed and remodeled according to the CI of Red Bull. The infrastructure had to be connected to the headquarters of the Red Bull Media House, which is situated at a distance of 4km (2.5 miles).

In cooperation with a team of Austrian and German design and engineering firms, concept-A planned the conversion of the existing offices, conference rooms and the lobby into the home of ServusTV. concept-A was responsible for the interior design, the acoustics of the offices and conference rooms, as well as the supervision of all construction works on site.


Acoustics + Architecture
Room acoustics
Structural acoustics
Interior design
Ergonomic design
Site management