SAE Institute Munich - Campus 4.0

The SAE Campus 4.0 is a state-of-the-art training facility on 2000 m² - with a complex and well thought-out room and studio concept. Since autumn 2021, the first German SAE location in Munich is presenting itself in the new rooms near the Isar.

The planning and realization of the studios was again taken over by concept-A and the project was implemented within 18 months. After some conversions and the complete new buildings in Bochum, Berlin and Vienna, it is already the 8th project for SAE with a total of around 30 studio rooms.

In terms of design, all studio rooms are related to the Munich location and are reminiscent of artists who were active here: Queen, Sportfreunde Stiller, Roger Rekless, Munich Machine, LaBrassBanda and Passport, but also the symphony orchestra and Wolfgang Petersen's "Das Boot".

In the SAE Institute Munich, the specially designed building acoustics make it possible to use all control and recording rooms in parallel without any disturbance. The room acoustics of the studios in combination with the AV technology enables the students to carry out and assess their recordings at the highest professional level.

The SAE Institute is the world's leading training institute in the fields of audio engineering, web design, digital film & animation and game design.



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