SAE Institute Frankfurt

Alte Oper, Nachtleben, U60311, Hans Zimmer, HR broadcast hall and The Cityghost – these names and places are closely interwoven with the creative scene of the Main metropolis and can now also be found in the design of the new recording studios of the SAE Institute Frankfurt.

concept-A planned, designed and implemented 5 control rooms and 2 recording studios on the modern and open campus. As with all studio projects with SAE (there are now 9), great value was placed on the building and room acoustics as well as the attractive design of the rooms.

An acoustic-architectural highlight is the custom-made loudspeaker front in control room 1. There and in the other studio rooms you will also find many of our tried and tested standard elements: full wave, low wave, high wave, x-wave, door wave, free wave und - zuständig für das gute Zusammenspiel von Akustik und Klima der air wave.

In interaction with the family community and modern technology, this creates a creative and inspiring learning environment of the highest professional level.

The SAE Institute is the world's leading training institute in the fields of audio engineering, web design, digital film & animation and game design.


Acoustics + Architecture
Room acoustics
Structural acoustics
Interior design
Ergonomic design
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