Music Department Foundation Louisenlund

The Louisenlund Foundation has set out to become one of the best schools in Europe. On the unique, approx. 250-hectare school grounds in Louisenlund, directly on the banks of the Schlei, the pupils already find almost optimal learning and living conditions. But how do you transform a historic stables into a contemporary place for interdisciplinary music lessons and extracurricular music collaborations?

Together with the project developers from wonderlabz, concept-a developed the planning for the conversion and building/space acoustics of this extraordinary educational project. In addition to a central concert space with integrated control room for controlling and recording live events, the building will also be home to multifunctional music teaching and rehearsal spaces for the students after the conversion. In addition to a high quality of stay and acoustics, the focus of the development was also on the acoustic separation of the teaching and rehearsal modules on the ground floor and the living areas on the upper floor.

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Interior Design


Room Acoustics

Structural Acoustics