ERF Media House Wetzlar

With the new media house in Wetzlar, the Christian media company ERF has created a strong platform for Christian media work. Integrated are 2 radio studios with control rooms, a 250 m² TV studio and a multifunctional studio with audio and video control rooms, as well as three further control rooms with recording and editing rooms for post-production.

Planning the interior design and building and room acoustics for the entire studios in a newly built media house is an exciting and unusual task. The central requirements were a good working atmosphere and pleasant room acoustics. The special acoustic and design challenge for concept-A was to integrate the studios as openly and transparently as possible into the editorial office landscape.

The complete room acoustic expansion was realized with acoustic elements from concept-A. Among other things, our air wave is in use, a combination of absorber and silencer, which enables the cost-effective use of commercially available air conditioning units in studios.


acoustics + architecture
room acoustics
structural acoustics
interior design

concept-A elements:
air wave