C. Bechstein Centrum in Hamburg

The C. Bechstein Centrum Hamburg is a sales and event location that fulfils the wishes of piano enthusiasts. concept-A has carefully designed the interior and room acoustics of this grand piano lounge to create a special, more intimate environment with exceptional sound quality, allowing you to experience the voluminous sounds of grand pianos.

The room allows immersion in three different sound environments.

Close your eyes and imagine you are a pianist on a concert stage. Experience the captivating moment when the acoustics of the room open up and create a powerful volume, similar to a concert hall.

The second sound environment simulates a more intimate acoustic environment. When you play on a grand piano here, you achieve the wonderful volume of a 70-90 m2 hall with high ceilings.

In the third sound environment you can refine the sound even further with an additional acoustic curtain. The acoustics here are roughly comparable to those of a 30-40 m2 room.

Well-known artists also like to use this room to warm up before their concerts in Hamburg.

Thanks to the close collaboration between Bechstein and the specialists from concept-A, this project only took a few months from the first drafts to the completion of the acoustic design of the room.


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