Football World
Championship 2006

Host Broadcast Services (HBS) is a specialist host broadcast organization, which received the mandate of producing the television and radio signals for the 2006 FIFA World Cups™ in Germany. The company is based in Switzerland, but its planning headquarters are located in Paris/Boulogne. HBS has evolved since its formation in 1999 and has built upon its unique capabilities by attracting expert personnel from the very top levels of the television industry to complement the experienced staff who had honed their skills at previous FIFA World Cups™. HBS was responsible for producing the multilateral coverage and providing unilateral production, transmission, commentary facilities and associated services for international broadcasters at the FIFA World Cup™. To achieve this, HBS designed, built, installed and managed an International Broadcast Centre (IBC) and the multilateral and unilateral broadcast facilities at every venue in Germany.

concept-A equipped numerous control rooms, recording booths and the VIP film theater within the broadcast center with its acoustic elements as a temporary installation.


Room acoustic design
Mobile room acoustics
Room acoustic measurements on site

concept-A elements:
free wave light
full wave