Building Acoustic Consultation and Planning

It is the function of building acoustics to shelter you from the detrimental effect of sound and noise emanating from your surroundings and to protect the environment from sound emissions coming from your rooms. Our engineers are happy to provide advice with all tasks regarding building acoustics - regardless, if you are dealing with isolating your grand piano; want to build an acoustic booth; a room-within-a-room construction for a movie theater or if you are developing the concept for an entire studio complex.

Room Acoustic Consultation and Planning

Room acoustics help to give your room the right sound and tone. The acoustic quality of a room is decided by many more factors than just its reverberation time: contemporary room acoustics offer a dependable situation for every kind of audio recording and playback and establish a comfortable atmosphere for creative work. Our room acoustic planning and consultation exceeds the mere completion of a room. We look after recording and sound engineers, musicians, conductors and film and TV directors when they start to work within their rooms.

Building, Room- and Electroacoustic Measurements

Acoustic measurements create planning criteria for conversions of existing rooms, help to control finished structural measures and measure control rooms and PA systems. We offer all of the essential room acoustic measurements: determination of the sound reduction index and sound level difference, reverberation time and behavior of reflection, frequency response and sound distribution, evaluation of speech intelligibility, measurement of monitor and PA systems, laboratory measurements etc. to determine the optimization of material properties.