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    free wave

    Our freestanding elements are a very effective and affordable solution designed to easily create varying dependable acoustic situations in different sized recording environments.

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    light wave

    Broadband absorber for use in offices, conference rooms, call centers, and studio rooms (audio and video).

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    high wave

    For multimedia rooms with lower demands regarding the room acoustics, this slim broadband absorber (cut-off frequency: 200 Hz) is well-suited.

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    full wave

    The full wave is the basis of the system for studio acoustics. It is a broadband absorber with a cut-off frequency at 100Hz.

  • hard wave

    Broadband absorber with a cut-off frequency of 100 Hz, a unique solution on this depth.

  • free wave light

    Effective like its big brother 'free wave', the lower cutoff frequency is slightly higher.